Girls, Is it crazy to become preoccupied with an infatuation if it lasts decades or longer?

I have a a friend who is 26 and she has a fantasy about a movie actor. She is always on the lookout for magazines with him in it. The funny thing is her sisters also have infatuations with movie actors they watch on t. v. and they are close to thirty. It's like they fantasize about having a relationship with them. Do their religious beliefs they can't date guys or have a boyfriend. They are all good students and seem normal in every other way, other than their lengthy (years) infatuations. I thought it was different and even kind of neat. They are also over weight.
I find it perplexing. Is this a symptom or tendency of mental illness? Is this their way of expressing their sexual desire since they can not have premarital sex? Or, is it an expression of their desire for a relationship?
Can they become insane if they get to preoccupied with a fantasy?


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