Best friends or something more?

I've been best friends with a guy for about 6 years and about a year ago I moved to a different state and started to pursue my career. Ever since then, whenever I see him, he always has such a big smile on his face, he hugs me tight and seems really interested in what's going on. We talk every once in a while through text but whenever I see him I just feel like there's something there. I catch him looking at me and he glances away all fast, he always seems to gravitate towards me whenever were in a group of friends. We bicker and tease each other, we always sit next to each other, a lot of people think were together and when we both answer that were not they say we should be. We have a lot of the same interest and we vibe whenever we hang out. I just feel that ever since I moved there's been something growing more between us. I don't know if maybe he just misses me or maybe it's more. Just seems like he looks at me with that look you get when someone likes you and it seems like something is on his mind that he's not saying. I'm just not sure if maybe he does like me and if I should ask him. I just dont want to ruin the friendship with him but I would definetly be interested in knowing. Last time I saw him we went to Disneyland with 2 other couples. We were basically together the whole time. Sat on the rides, I would put my head on his shoulder and wrapp my arms around him with out him feeling weird. He told me he loves to see me happy because I get all giddy and act like a kid at Disneyland, obviously lol I don't know I just dont know if I should just say screw it and ask him next time i see him or just wait it out to see if he says something.


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