Dating is it really meant to be this hard?

hard come to the conclusion that I must be either

the fattest

most ugliest

shite dress sense


or something else

cause I cannot get a date. {I don't believe I am any of those things above at all}

I get myself out there as much as possible,hobbies, going out, being socialble also I am on the internet.

I am not overly "fussy" and prefer to date nice guys rather than bad boys.

I am not insecure, I am happy go lucky with wonderful smile and good outlook on life. Am good fun, have lots of interests, my own money etc.all I'd like is too go on some dates with someone nice and fun.

I treat people very well am well though of by my friends, family, colleagues etc

Yet cannot get a date.

So far in a month I have been cancelled on, agreed a day but then nothing, numerous "penpal" types, even the ones who state they are genuine about meeting aren't.

After months of this, and keeping my chin up and head up high - I have hit rock bottom, am totally frustrated with guys who just mess you around and cannot even keep a date.

How will you know what I am like if you never meet me?

How can you tell if there is going to be chemistry/connection if we do not meet in person?

It is totally ridiculous.all a guy has too lose is a couple of hours.

Why put yourself on a dating website as looking if when it comes down to meeting you don't bother?


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  • A lot of guys on the dating sites are out there to get laid; maybe they realize you're really looking for a serious relationship and then they run. I know I have done the same; I talk to girls on these dating sites, and as I get to know them, I realize they are not good candidates just to have sex with so I tell them I'm not interested. And yes, a lot of girls on dating sites just want to get laid because I have met plenty of them so I don't take these sites seriously for finding a serious partner. And yea, why would I lose 2 hours with a girl that ain't gonna give it up when there are plenty on those sites that would? So I think you might be in the wrong online dating site.

    In the usa they have a site named eharmony, and I know people at work that have gotten married to people they found on that site because it seems those on it, are really serious about getting a partner. Not sure if the site is available in the uk or not but maybe you want to check it out.


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  • trust me its not just you , me I tried most of the dating sites every time you talk with someone and try to go out with them on a date , they start to hold their back , most of the guys/girls

    in these sites are into games , so one time I conatct this girl online and I directly asked her to go out as a date I didn't talk to her before and I mean never , honestly I wasn't sure she will even reply , anway she send her phone number and she agreed , we went out and I think its going well , most of people wouldn't do that conatcting a random guy//girl ,

    I just don't get that why we are so afraid to do so , I mean try to go out in a public place ,

    movie theater or a restaurant , also the love come when we are least expect ,

    don't give up , good luck .

  • I think I get your message but on my own side I am just 25 year old but am avin problems with my relationships I just lost a relationship I think I need some one older than me that is the reason why I decided to come on line cus a friend of mine introduce me to this site all I am seekin for here is a lady that will be able to put me through and we will be happy together either white or black all I need is love tolerance understanding and peace.


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  • I have always been told that if you looking for love you will not get it when you want it. You are trying way too hard, but you really need to just step back and enjoy what you have in your life right. Love will come around for you when you least expect it. I know that it is hard because I can't keep a man to save my life, but I keep on believing that it's out there for me.

  • Not to be harsh but maybe you should lose weight. Guys aren't into flab.

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