Is it normal for my boyfriend to talk to his female friend at night for hours?

My boyfriend's female friend recently started calling him on the phone every night at 1 or 2 in the morning and they talk for at least two hours before they both go to bed. Is that normal?


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    No, not really. Maybe every now and then, say if she's having a problem and needs to vent.
    But even then, I would NEVER call my guy friends that late at night, especially if they were taken. It might not make their gf/wife happy and seems suspicious.

    In other words, no, it's not. Have you asked him why she calls him so late or what they talk about?

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      I asked him why she calls him and he said that she just simply wants to talk. I told him that they can talk in the morning or afternoon, but he defended her saying that there's no big difference between day and night and I'm having a hard time explaining to him why this isn't okay.

      We came to the conclusion that he will stop answering his phone for me even though he doesn't know why this is so wrong (because at the end of the day they only talk and don't do anything else) and I'm trying to get him to understand but I'm not really good at this.

  • No, that's a pretty big red flag.


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