Going on dating a much younger but taller girl could you give some feedback on my situation?

So here's my little story on a girl i am about to date soon :

Basically we were on our second call on the phone and so far she said she really likes my voice
and the way i talk and that i better not friendzone her.
So i was thinking everything is fine because at first we were thinking about the age difference
that i am 21 and her being 17 is something new for both of us, but we both like it so chill.

Until i brought up the fact that she seems so tall, and at first she almost stressed out the way
she asked me about how tall i am.
So when i answered im around 5'6-5'7 she replied something like "Omg that's brutal."
As if her hopes got ruined and it made me feel weird a little that the height difference would have
to ruin everything because she said she's like 5'9.

But then we kept talking and she said actually i was not expecting you to be that short but i don't
really care about height. Which left me confused for a bit since i thought that it would bother her
since she commented that's brutal that i am shorter.
I kept insisting that she could tell me if it's a problem she admitted that she was dating
a neighboor once who was 5 inches shorter than her and we laughed it off saying i would either
have to pick her up or get our asses down to make out.

Still i'm left confused because at the same time i'm turned on that she's a little longer than me
but on the other hand i have to admit i'm worried that she would feel much bigger than me.

I never dated a girl that tall so i need some insight feedback advice whatever :)


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  • So on one hand you are older than her, but she look more grown up, ya it's odd. :)


    • 3d

      From a strangers perspective they might think I’m younger but once you get to know me it’s pretty obvious I’m more mature than that.

  • “Much younger” that’s only 4 years. And yeah height won’t really change anything


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