Why would this girl do this?

Can you figure it out?

Answer right after you read this. First thing that pops in your mind, respond. Do not sit there and think. The point is to figure out who unconsciously gets this answer right. Not try and figure it out logically. Don't go looking up the right answer. That would defeat the purpose. Don't feel ashamed to get it wrong. I got the answer wrong the first time I was asked this. In fact it's a good thing if you do get it wrong.

So I am wondering of guys vs girls. Who gets this wrong, and who gets this right.

A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, meets a guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was simply amazing. She fell in love right there but never asked for his number and could not find him.

A few days later, the woman kills her sister.

Why did she kill her sister?

If you have seen this before, and know the answer, please don't answer. I wonder how many people know this answer on their very first time. If you know the answer, but still remember what you first thought it was, whether it was right or hopefully wrong. Put down that you know the answer, and what you thought the answer was the first time.


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  • the guy was her sister pretending to be a dude?

    • Never heard that one before. Would be a good reason, but sorry that's not the answer.

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    • First of all, I am not a psychopath! I have never even heard of this questions before, this was the first time I ever read about it! I'm not psycho!

    • haha I don't think your a psychopath, don't worry

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  • Her sister got with the guy she liked? That's the first thing I thought anyway, as messed up as it sounds. . .

    • I thought that too, but nope

  • She wanted to meet the Guy again so she killed her sister so there would be another a funeral!

    • Ok I just read up on the characteristics of a psychopath and that is so not me! Wouldn't this mean that I'm just really good at abstract thinking?

    • I clearly said that one question doesn't make or break someone being a psychopath. Okay, this is the first time you ever read about it. That just means you think just like a psychopath does when it comes to this specific question. It doesn't mean you are a psychopath, just means that when it comes to this question you answered it exactly how a Psycho would answer it. Also no need to get extremely defensive and saying, I am not Psycho! Because that won't convince other people.

  • maybe her sister was dating the amazing guy?

    • That's a good guess any normal person would make.

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    • haha, well pick the first one. Even if you don't have a creative mind, its fun to at least think we do. Am I right? haha

    • Haha, you are :)

  • i remember this quiet girl who sat in the back of my english class got the question right on the first go.



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