Good first date options?

Going to take this girl out on Friday night... Where should I take her?


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  • well I was always told that taking a girl to a movie and dinner wasn't the best first date. Since you can't really talk to them during the movie, and sitting down for a nice dinner has the potential of awkward silences(especially on a first date).

    soooo, here's what I personally like to do. There's this really great huge up scale outdoor mall by my house, so I would take her there, walk around and whatnot, it's cold where I live, so we'd get a cup of tea or something, window shop or whatever. etc. kinda get a feel for how it's going between the two of you, then wing it. if you guys really hit it off, take the girl to dinner! if not, a movies a good way to go, or just drop her off at home after your guy's walk.

    p.s. if it's cold, she'll probly be wearing a cute jacket and scarf! which is always really adorable.

    Best of luck man.


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  • ... a movie?

  • It depends on what's out there, man.

    First you should probably stop by Supercuts before you pick her up.

    After that, it's all you.