Why didn't he contact me after a date?

So, I met this guy and we have been talking online and texting and we went out for he first time and it was sweet and nice and we really hit it off, no kissing tho, just hugging. The second time we decided to get together was like a month !?!?! later, but we had talked a lot via MSN and phone, and again everything was really fun and effortless, he kissed me like 3 times. every time he sees me in the bus or wherever, he looks at me like I'm the only girl he's interested in . but after the date, he stopped contacting me, and now I have to start a conversation if I want to talk to him ,he only asked me something once, when before we talked like all day . it kinda seems like I've done something wrong. IF you think you know what the problem might be, please let me know, I'm going out of my mind :S PS we have talked after the date, but he seems kinda distant , but I don't get why did he kiss me, if he isn't interested in contacting me after ?


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  • I'm sure he will but he didn't want to come on too stong or despret