Is he still going to want to hang out after already having sex?

So, 2 nights ago I slept with a guy whom I hadn't physically seen in almost a year- and before that I'd only hung out with him twice. We've been texting off and on since then, but we just never got together. I was at a house party and I texted him around 1am, and he ended up picking me up from the party a couple hours later (I was drunk, he said he had been drinking too, and I knew I was getting myself into sex and not actually "hanging out") . I knew we were going to have sex - unfortunately if I had been sober I would've realized I really just wanted to hang out with this guy and get to know him more- I hadn't seen him in so long! Because I was drunk I don't remember a whole lot , but I do know that he said a couple times "i'm gonna f*** the shit out of you" . and we started fooling around immediately when we got to my place but he didn't have condoms, and he acted kind of annoyed when I said he had to go get them. seriously?! Is that really too much trouble? Anyways, we pretty much went right for sex with no foreplay - I can't say I was enjoying it too much, I actually felt sick and like I might puke- and I told him this. There was a time when he told me he was gonna keep going and if I felt sick he would stop. It was obvious he really just wanted sex. I'm also kind of uncomfortable with my body and tried to cover myself up as much as possible - and he called me on it - kept calling me a "dork" and making fun of me for covering up when he'd already seen me- he said stuff like "you can't change your body" "I've already seeen you, you have beautiful breasts" etc etc. So he was very nice and trying to make me comfortable - I did make him stop during sex because I didnt' feel well. Also, I pretty much kept trying to get him to leave after we were done- and he wanted to lay there with me- I felt like the guy in the relationship! lol. usually the guy wants to leave right away, but he didn't want to . Can anyone help me with what this means? Is it possible that he's still gonna want to hang out and actually get to know me after we've already had sex, and it wasn't any good? He even said something to me like "are you gonna be all weird with me now and not text me anymore?" THats something a girl would usually say! Lol

Please help. I have a hard time forgetting about guys whom I've slept with. and I admit I slept with him too soon but I still want to hang out with him! Guys, if you have sex with a girl and it's not good, but you still find her a cool person, are you still gonna hang out with her?



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  • Don't make it awkward.

    Just talk to him about it.

    Clearly discuss where you want to stand with him.

    Also guys ARE comprehensive enough to know that the sex is probably not going to be any good if the girl's piss-ass drunk.


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  • I think you should talk to him about the whole situation, and tell him you'd like to get to know him better before it happens again. He seems like he wants to see you again. But I really think you need to talk about it with him, so he doesn't think you guys are going to be doing that all the time now, unless that's something you want to do lol.