Why are some women never approached by guys?

I know looks and approachability etc. This is me: I am one of these women and I don’t know what is wrong with me. I’m told I’m attractive but I hear of women get approached all the time. Without having to make any effort. I’m not thin but I’ve lost a good amount of weight and am thick. I feel like I take good care of myself. All these girls I’ve known get boyfriends without having to blink. I don’t talk to anyone and have to rely on dating apps to get attention. And I’ve had zero luck with these apps. Am I just plain unlucky? Or just terrible to look at? I only get messages online and for the RARE times I’ve been noticed by guys in person, it’s usually by someone I’d never want to date. I give up with the idea of someone wanting to date me at this point.
Why are some women never approached by guys?
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