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Did my ex have 2nd girlfriend the whole time?

I found a Valentin’s card and a empty gift bag in my boyfriend closet when searching for a wash towelwhile he was at work. The girl was the same girl that also called him the night before I found the card. We were cooking dinner and she called. The card sounded like they or she was in love and how they were a team and she can’t wait to spend more v-days together. I never seen this card and bag in that closet in our whole relationship so I knew it was new. I stayed calm sending text messages to him related to business that he needed but I was planning on confront him in person. Then two days later I send a sweet text even though I knew I was pissed before confronting him he replied to my nice message by dumping me by text saying he doesn’t feel the same. I haven’t responded and then he text back apologizing for sounding harsh I still did not reapond. What do I do? Why did he dump me in that manner? He said he loved me first but when I say it a month later I get dumped the same week I find a v-day card that a girl wrote to you last month? That’s not right I should of dumped him when he said it first when I wasn’t ready to say it. his been manipulating me lying during our whole relationahip and his a cheater. I’m so hurt and he doesn’t even know I know he cheated or have evidence. I want to say you feel that way because you’ve been lying and cheating with Nikki (yes I know her name) and can’t balance two girlfriends But I’m so angry and my emotions are all over the place I have mix emotions about responding.
Did my ex have 2nd girlfriend the whole time?
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