often would you text/call a girl you like?

This is considering you have a full time job and quite a few issues to deal with besides work.


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  • Depends on whether we live close or not. When I've had a lot on my plate and I live close to my girlfriend, I've had periods where I don't make contact for days, even a full week sometimes. Many men, and among them myself, work from the assumption that if we have a lot to deal with, we clear our own plates first. If a girlfriends needs us or wants to talk to us, she'll call us herself.

    Similarly, if a girlfriend has an exam or is doing overtime at work, I let her deal with her own issues, and if I want to speak to her I call her myself instead of waiting for her to call me.

    • Hmm, I'm not with this guy, I'm just kind of dating him. We go about 2-3 weeks without talking, but when we hang out, it's like he genuinely likes me, so I don't know what to think.

      I have texted once and called once too but no reply. And he's done this before too.. no reply at all.

      He has texted me or called me on his own a few times...

      But going long without talking to the girl doesn't mean you don't like her right?

    • Well, I don't dally in relationships when I've got a full plate. I might fancy a girl, but until I sort my own luggage I don't let myself get too involved. Except in the few weak moments when I simply need some feminine companionship.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking was happening. And I'm totally fine if he doesn't want a relationship, cause I'm not sure I'm ready for one either.

      As long as he doesn't totally cut connection with me I'm fine with that.


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  • I wouldnt, you want me? come get me

    • well I have and he didn't reply, guessing cause he was pretty bz.

      so I don't want to keep bothering him..

      I thought I might as well let him contact me once he's done dealing with his issues.

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  • i'm not a guy, but I can share how often I text with my boyfriend. When we started dating we only texted to make plans, but since we started sleeping together I think we've maybe only gone 1 day at a time without texting or seeing each other. It wasn't a quick switch, but getting him to text me back was difficult when we weren't so serious. Now, however, he ends up texting me several times a day even when he's at work and busy.

    It could just be that since you're just dating he doesn't feel like you're an integral part of his life, so texting you isn't a priority. Personally, I think texting anything other than making plans for a date is relationship stuff, and less for the dating phase.

    I'm sure all guys are different, though, but don't let him go too long without contact, or one or both of you might lose interest. The more you see or talk to someone, the more attached you'll both become. Absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder until you've established a relationship solidly first :)

    • I don't need him to text me or call me everyday or even every week, but at least an answer to my text or call would be nice. He will text me randomly and it seems like he does really want to talk to me, then out of the blue, he just kind of doesn't respond.

    • Hmm, well if that's the case, then he's probably just really distracted those times he doesn't respond. I honestly wouldn't worry about it too much unless you get to the point where it's a much more serious relationship and he's still like this.