If There Was A Dating iPhone App, What Would You Want it to Do?


I'm a single girl who is interested in meeting singles but I'm not ready for online dating because it feels formal with profiles/matching and I'm not looking for the one right now. Then again I'm not just looking to just hook up either. I just want to meet other singles casually and date for fun. I'm wondering, are there a lot of girls who feel this way too?

I heard about an app called MojoMapp that lets single girls/guys check-in at locations. The app then adds up all the check-ins to show you how many single guys/girls are at each bar. It's anonymous so there are no names/profiles. I said I would check it out since it would be a great way to meet singles w/o announcing to the world that I'm single and looking because no one would know it was me who checked in, just that "a single girl" checked in. I know guys would def use this app, since which guy wouldn't use an app that showed them where single girls are! But do you think other girls would use it? If not, what would you want from a singles app for girls? Thanks!


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  • I don't think it would get very far. I mean who really wants to check in every time they go to a bar and who would even remember to do so? There is other dating apps though, but not quite like that one. They're usually like the ones that you find online. I think that there are other people out there who want the same thing you do and use dating sites for that reason. A lot of people just want to meet new people and dating sites as well as social networks are the new way to do so.

  • I think it wouldn't work. Sure meet guys from friends or having a night on the town. Should put yourself out there!