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Am I expecting too much?

So I met this guy in college 2 months ago, we’ve been talking everyday. It used to be non-stop and then now it’s every 3-4 hours or so - that’s normal, I completely agree and I’m not upset about that. We’ve gone on 5 dates so far which is a little slow for 2 months, but it’s because I had exams the first month and we were in different cities for 2 weeks after my exams. But we talked about whether we were “serious” and we agreed we’re not there yet, but we’re on that path. Basically, this wasn’t something either of us expected to be casual.

Now the last date was nearly 2 weeks ago, we’ve been in the same city the entire time. We were supposed to go on another date a couple days ago, but when I asked to confirm our date the day before he bailed saying he was too busy. He’s done this a couple times before, and always rescheduled, and I’ve always said “Don’t worry about it” or “It’s ok” because I understood that he had internship/school commitments etc and I am a lot more free than him (I’ve been having holidays for the last month) so I was available to reschedule. But this time he said he’ll let me know because he has a lot of commitments. Well, we’ve continued texting but he hasn’t gotten back to me, or even apologised for missing the 6th date. And it’s my last day here before going back home (literally halfway across the world) for 3 months.

Am I justified for feeling upset? Or did I just expect too much? I just figured that I’d be a little higher on the priority list considering that I’m supposed to be the girl he likes, who he’s not going to see for 3 months. I’m not very well versed with dating norms etc, so I’d like to know if I’m being unreasonable. If I am, I’ll accept that. But if I’m not, how would you suggest approaching the subject with him to explain to him that I’m hurt that he didn’t make time for me before I left?
Am I expecting too much?
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