Latests Windows 7 update decided I don't really like sound?

So after the latest Windows 7 update my rear panel sound ceased and so did my front, however usb sound works... my drivers are up to date, nothing is muted, HOWEVER interestingly enough when I press the mute button I actually hear it from my speakers the mute/unmute sound... that is the only sound coming from them. My speakers work because I plugged them into a usb adapter and tried them, I got sound but I do not want some Jimmy rigged solution.

Any suggestions how to possibly fix my sound issue? Two added side notes, when I plug my speakers into the appropriate jack it pops up on my compter that a device was plugged in AND when playing sound files the playback comes up as though sound is being played... just nothing comes out my speakers.


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  • Without direct access to your system, I can only suggest two things.

    a) use system restore and go to a point before you installed the update, and don't install it again in the future

    b) update drivers for your sound card

    I don't know what's causing the problem, this is just a shot in the dark.

    • Well thank you for the suggestion/attempted help, but I actually did try both of those and got nothing, still appreciate the attempt though, thank you.