So me and my ex have started hanging out again...

We dated for 3 years, and where good friends for 2 years before that. It ended because she cheated on me, and lied to me alot. It all just came out one night and I ended it then and there. I didn't talk to her for 6 months after. She wound up moving to my town, and dating one of my friends. I didn't mind, I didn't want her back. She tried getting me to hang out with her a few times while I wasn't talking to her, but I didn't. So I wound up hanging out with her and her boyfriend a couple of times. Then we went driving around and talked about a lot of things one night, she apoligised for everything she did wrong, and seemed to really mean it. She still seems a little awkward around me sometimes, and I catch her looking at me alot. I'm kinda confused, does she maybe want to get back together? Are there any other body language things I should be looking for?


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  • If her tone of voice is really different, like more energetic or the opposite. Also fidgeting, like with something in her hands, or her hair or clothes. Lastly if she tries to get closer to you.


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