How should I respond if the guy I like kisses me on the cheek?

The guy I really really like told me that he's gonna kiss me on the cheek tomorrow , But then he asked me what I would do if he did and I told him I don't know . And then he was like "We'll just have to see , won't we ?" Buut I don't know ! Because he's suuuper hot and like everry single girl in my school thinks he's cute ! I'm so nervous !

What should I do if he kisses me on the cheek !?


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  • If you have the guts for it, when he kisses you on the cheek you could look him in the eye and say "You missed", then kiss him on the mouth. If I kissed a girl I like on the cheek and that was her response, I'd be all over her.

    • Wooah , Thhts good . (:

      The only thing is , I think thht when the time comes , I'm gonna be suuuper nervous . Because , I'm definatley not the prettiest girl in the school . Annd EVERY single girl in my school thinks he's cute ! Annd , He likes mee . Buut the only place I could ever give him hugs and stuff like thht is in art . Which its cool thht I can only do thht in art , Because the teacher is like 80 and doesn't pay attention . Lol . Buut I don't know , Goood tho ! Thank yoou so much ! :D

    • What's to be nervous about? He likes you, you already know that, so you must be pretty enough for him. He wants to kiss you. You want to kiss him back. And who cares what they other girls think? It's not about them.

  • Haha. Well how well do you know him? if you know him pretty well and there is a mutual connection or what have you.. kiss him. lol If not that, at least give him a hug or something idk. haha. Do what comes natural?

    • He really likes me . He made it clear . (: Lol . Annd , I've known him for a couple weeks , And thhts why I dnnt wanna date him yet , Because we haven't known each other for long . But we know each other frm school . We have 1 class together . Annd I already gave him hugs , But he wants to take it a LITTLE farther . (: Lol . Annd thanks for answering . (:

    • Annd I'm sorry , Buut do what comes natural ? I can't ! I dnnt know what to do , Soo nothing is coming natural at this point ?

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