How to get closer with this guy?

So I recently realized I like this kid who goes to my school >>;

But I don't have any classes with him and he hangs around all the honor kids(they're a bunch of kids from one elementary school, somehow all honors kids). I get along with a lot of them but me and them aren't close like they are to each other so it would be very awkward if I started hanging around them.

I met him in Key Club (community service) and we connected really well. We have a lot of things in common and we both have a great personality. I didn't know him until November and didn't start talking to him until last week during a car wash...

So I'm asking, how can I get closer to this kid when I can only see him once a week for a meeting? D:

I really REALLY like this kid.

advice please! Thank you! X3


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  • Get him to hangout with you one day so he will getty know youn