Why does my boyfriend not want to be on the same emotional level?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half now. We don't have much time alone together as our lives are pretty full. I need at least a couple minutes a day to communicate with him. We kiss goodbye in the mornings set off for our busy days return home and then when I try to communicate he says he's tired and goes to sleep. No kiss. No goodnight. Nothing. Just sleeps. I stay awake for hours thinking what did I do wrong? I know I shouldn't wait til last minute when we are in bed to share information about our days but it is the only time we have together? How do I get him to open up?


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  • Ask him for what you want. NO ACCUSATIONS ( not saying you do )! say to him "i want to talk to you before we go to sleep" or "I would love it if you kissed me before bed".. Ask for a better end of day arrangement so both of you can be pleased.. If he's tired then he's tired he doesn't want to talk.. Trying to force a convo RIGHT before bed won't go so well even if he FORCED his self to do it anyway.. Asking for you want almost always works for me. It indicates that you want more of them without sounding whiny or like your being dramatic or complaining..

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