Kissing Without Mono?

i was wondering because I have came close to haveing mono a few times an I was wondering if there was a why I could still kiss and not get mono or what?

and how bad is mono really?


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  • here is no way to almost get mono! My mother is a lab tech so I know these kinda things. You can get mono but only from another person who has mono; and you can get it from kissing or drinking after people . There is no in between almost getting mono.

    it makes you sleepy sick; for a good period of time just don't kiss someone with mono! That would be bad!

    and try not to let people drink after you.

    its unlikely though you will get it there's not many people who get it its not like a std or anything its just like a cold.

    • I never said

      (There is no in between almost getting mono. )

      (here is no way to almost get mono! )

      but I was just wondering becuase my friend I've been with has kissed several gys Before.

      bu tidk if they had mono an I don't know our salivia going gback an forth is makin it worse.

      and if you can't get mono inless you kiss sumone that areazdy had it Then HOW did someone first get it?

    • And I have also Madeout with a guy that Did have mono but after we broke up he kissed a chick an she go it?

    • It can be from drinking after people as well.

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  • Mono sucks. You'll know if you have it since you won't want to move at all. You should probably stay away from people who have it until they are fully healed. Why would you kiss someone with mono lol? That's just silly.

    • No, like my mom said just from kissing you can get it even if both people don't have it?

      and I was worried -she doesn't want me to be with any guy or anything.

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    • Freshmen are normally the same age. I highly doubt you will get mono from kissing the same guy if he doesn't give you mono initially. It's always possible to get it but the chances are really slim.

      I've only known 2 people to get mono. One of my friends got it and had never been kissed at the time. The other was a girl that had slept with a good amount of people by mid-high school.

    • Oh Lol.

      okay and alright.

      im not going to be doing that this year.

      well I don't plan on it.

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  • How do you know that you've come close to having mono?

    Just because you're kissing someone doesn't mean you're going to get mono, the two are not synonymous. There are plenty of people who have never had it, and never will. It all depends on who you kiss and whether or not they are a carrier of the virus.

    • A guy that have kissed plenty of girl before?

      and well I don't think he's had it but I'm not sure.

    • Like I said, kissing and mono are not synonymous. Just because he's kissed a lot of girls doesn't mean kissing him will get you mono - he may not even have the virus.

      You don't almost get it, or come close to getting it; it's a hit or miss. If he has the virus, it will probably end up being passed on to you. If he doesn't have it, you're not going to get it by kissing him or sharing his drinks or whatever.

      Just remember that not everyone gets mono.

  • Once you get mono you have it with you for the rest of your life. Although, you may not physically get sick or show signs of it, you are still a carrier. The most likely time you pass it to others is when you have a fever. Some people never get mono, it just depends on their immune system, and others can be a carrier and never show signs of it.

  • I havn't been exposed to mono or know much about it from first hand. But from what I have read, if a person has had mono then they are not likly to get it again because they would have made antibodies. It dosen't sound so dangerous, looking at the symptoms I would probably think I just had a bad sore thorat.

    • I haven't had it yet but some people say it hurts really bad an some like you say its not that bad,

      so I have no clue,. But Thanks for the input.

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    • It's basically an intense version of strep throat.

      With many it also zaps strength; some people take months to recover. I got lucky though, I was better after just one month. Though it took about another month for me to get my appetite back.

    • Oh wow. well I'm trying to not get it. Lol.