Could she think I like her?

So there is a girl (my friend, nothing more) I ask to hang out maybe once a week (other people involved .. but sometimes fails), to "hang out", because I like to get out once a week and do activities. Sometimes I know before hand she's busy and then I don't ask. But again I try to make it be other involved and not just me and her, but in any case me asking her as often as I do, could that be sending a wrong message that I like her?


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  • It can send the wrong message but it depends on what you do when you hang out.

    If you are worried a/b her wanting more when you don't, talk a/b being interested in other girls.

    • I don't care if she wants more. I don't want her to think I want more.

    • You've established that. I'm just giving you a suggestion on what to do so she won't get the wrong idea, sheesh.

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