GUYS, How should I do this?

Okay so I really wanna kiss this guy I'm dating. We're going on our third date tomorrow. We haven't kissed yet, but we've hugged a lot and he rubbed my back the last time, moaned and held me tight.

I've thought of a few ways to "hint" or "make my move":

Tomorrow, we're going to his place to spend alone time (no sex) and watch a movie.

We're both shy people.

1) when he picks me up, while he's driving, I'll give him some cash and say here's some money so we can get some pizza or Chinese. If he refuses, then I'll say "fine, but only if you give me a kiss on the cheek..."


2) Sometime during the car ride while we're flirting, at a red light, I'll say hey.. and when he turns to me, I'll give him a small peck and say "I just really wanted to give you a kiss.."

OR 3)

When we're walking from the car to his place, I'll stop him and grab his arm and give him one on the cheek or lips and smile.

IDK if I want to go through with this because I have a small feeling he MIGHT try to kiss me during the movie. I don't wanna ruin his ego. Do you think I will?

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  • If he's a shy type of guy, and you give him a kiss first, it will blow his mind, he won't even think about a damaged ego. You should definitely go with a quick kiss or peck on the lips if you're both the shy type, and it would be great before you even sit down to watch the movie. That way he already knows you want to kiss, and he'll be more comfortable with you in attempting to kiss you again. I really like the money for a kiss one, but definitely one the lips, not the cheek lol It's cute, and sort of demanding, but pssst... *guys like it when girls demand things like that* ;)

    A kiss like that at the beginning of the date could definitely lead to a much more loving kiss later on in the evening, if that's something you'd want :)

    Good Luck!

    • Gracias! I'm taking all of these answers into consideration and I'm gonna do what feels right. I'm just scared I'm gonna be so shy that I kiss him on the cheek instead of the lips. Ahh..

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  • Say something like, you can give me a ride but it's going to cost you, when he asks how much or what, say it's going to cost a kiss. That should start the evening out right. Or just jump on him and start hugging and kissing him, don't need to tell him anything!

    • Since I'm shy if I do the whole it's gonna cost you thing, I might say shyly "You have to give me a kiss on the cheek" Because if I say "you have to kiss me" or "it's going to cost a kiss" I think I might feel weird like I'm demanding!

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    • Moaned from hugging, wow you guys are pretty sensitive to touch lol Anyways these things come in time, it took me several weeks of dating my first girlfriend before I kissed her, when we were hugging I just went over it, it's all about CONFIDENCE

    • Lol, hey it was him NOT me! He started moaning out of no where and I giggled. It was cute. On our first date he didn't moan, but the second one... yeah. Lol caught me off guard. But it was cute. The rub during the hug felt good too.. :)

  • Tell him you're going to kiss him. before you do. simple as that. you're complicating this...

    • I just really like him and I'm shy

    • you're going to have to say something eventually. besides this is 100x worse for a guy as they are always the one who have to initiate everything

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  • Personally, I think number 3 is cute. But kiss him on the lips not chhek! Good luck and have dun with it.

    • Yeah I know I gotta suck it up and kiss him on the lips :P

  • You can do the car thing, it's cute. I don't think it'll ruin his ego. It's nice for him to know you want to kiss him.