When new to dating, how often should you go on a date?

When you ask someone out, when is the most appropriate time to meet up with that person again? And how often should you go out?


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  • It depends on whether or not you both liked each other well enough to go out again. That's not always the case.

    If you go out with someone, and you enjoyed yourself, and you think she did as well, then it's a good idea to let them know before the date is over. "I've had a great time. I hope you did too. I'd like to do it again sometime" Something basic like that. Make the offer to call her again, and arrange a second date. But when you are doing this, pay close attention to her mood in case you had misread her enjoyment level and she doesn't want a second date.

    Give it about three days before you call her again. You don't want to appear clingy or needy. You want to at least give the impression that you've got other things going on in your life, and she is lucky that you want to include her in them. (There's a funny movie from a few years ago, called Swingers, which features one of the worst post-date phone calls ever... Worth checking out, so you know why the 3 day rule is there.)

    Until you guys have had a few dates, and are possibly talking about seeing each other exclusively, then someone your age should take it slow. See her for one date per week, at the weekend. At least until you're both sure how you feel about each other.

    The most common mistake for a guy under 18, is simply moving too fast. Play it cool.

    • hahahaha great answer sir; however the so called "3 days rule" that you guys have always makes me laugh because honestly if a guy really likes a girl & he knows 4 a fact that the girl has strong feelings 4 him too then what's wrong with calling her the next day? You know,to ask how's she's doing & how's her day going so far. Also, if a guys really wants 2 make a great impression on a girl (at least on me lol) little things like texting 2 see if I got home OK or 2 check up on me will blow me away lol

    • Because it's not how guys are programmed. We're just not built that way.

      And it also happens to be one of those areas, where women genuinely don't seem to know what they like. They SAY they want the guy to call, but experience has shown us all time and time again, that what they really respond to, is when a guy doesn't call straight away. And what seems to cause them to lose respect for the guy, is when he calls too soon. You might think differently, but we've all found out the truth.

    • This is good. Sorry it took so long to pick you as BA lol :P

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  • once to twice a week

  • every weekend.

  • once a week.

  • once a week is good


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  • I recommend keeping the dating to a few times a week at most. The only time to do more then that is when she's obviously totally into you and you're ready to escalate the relationship.

    If she's still only kinda interested then give her the gift of missing you. Seeing her a few times a week keeps things fun and gives you both enough time apart to miss each other.

    One day a week works well too, but only for so long.

    ~ Robby

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    • You're like a Dave D'angelo and Neil Straus (Style) follower huh? Not that it's a bad thing. Your posts are usually filled with their stuff though.