What do I do? I'm so embarrassed! Making out in public....

Ok, so my boyfriend and I have only been together for 2 weeks and already he started making out with me. For me, this was scary. Both times have been in the same place-the lobby of my dorm- but the first time nobody was there. Well, last night he thought it would be OK to make out while there were a group of guys and girl who were studying around the corner. Well, of course they saw, and I quickly ended it, but I still heard someone shout "Get a room!"

Well, today my roommate tells me that she was told that my boyfriend and I were gonna need to move where we made out.

This, I already know, because making out with people there was super embarrassing and I felt really bad. My problem is that now I feel super embarrassed to see those people again, but I really don't like that they talked to my roommate, who was put in an uncomfortable position. What do I do? I feel bad, but I don't know what to do about. I know that he and I are definitely not making out in public again, but I don't want to be thought of as a slut. Any ideas?


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  • If you're not comfortable with PDA this is a conversation that you really need to have with your boyfriend. Sitting down with him and explaining you are more comfortable showing affection in private and discussing what types of things are OK in public (ex: holding hands, a goodbye kiss) is important since this is a real issue you are having with your roommate and peers. Since it takes 2 to be in a relationship your boyfriend should be willing to speak with you honestly about this If he's doing it he should be willing to speak about it.

    Also talk about where you could go. For example speaking with your roommate about having a texting system so when you want to have your boyfriend over your roommate can chill elsewhere so you have some privacy and you can do vice versa for your roommate. I'm sure your boyfriend has an apartment or dorm you can go there as well he just needs to talk with his roommate(s) and make sure they know he wants to spend time alone with you on occasion. If your roommate has a problem with you asking for the room alone just explain that it is your room too and that you would allow them alone time if they needed it just with forewarning so a compromise is in order.

    As for the immature people that were making snide comments about you. If they have time enough to spend taunting you clearly they need to get a life of their own. If they do it again I would say to them don't you have more important things to do in life than to be involved in someone else's relationship.

    Remember as a great woman once said -People can never make you feel inferior without your consent. Be proud of who you are because chances are the people calling you a slut are actually just jealous of you,

    Best of luck :-)


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