Would you date a guy who's strapped for cash?

I'll attempt to keep my details short rather than ramble too much.

Basically I'm 26 and used to making around 45k a year. Which is not a lot of money. But it was enough to feel confidant that I could ask a girl out and know that I could buy her dinner a few times a week and show that I was financially responsible.

I've since then gone down to working for less money per hour and going part time. Basically I've returned to finishing out my degree. Doing so I'm convinced is the smartest thing for my long term goals. But short term I'm left with little fun money.

At this point after all my bills are put together I've got about $50 -$80 in fun money a week.

I feel super insecure at this point about that. At least when it comes to talking with girls that is. I always felt that my employment and responsible career decisions were attractive qualities that I had. Now I feel like I'm 17 with pocket change from his parents.

A friend I had told me that I was overthinking things and that plenty of girls wouldn't mind dating a nice guy even if he couldn't buy dinner all the time.

I want to believe her but I thought I'd turn to the anonymous nature of the internet for more answers!

So please advise me, wait till after I graduate and am back to salaried employment? Or is small wages, shallower pocket ok?


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  • money carnt buy love and isn't just being together enough? I wouldn't care if the guy I was dating didn't have enough money, just as long as we could spend some nights in front of the telly watching a great film together...who says you have to spend money to keep someone happy? its not like your buying the girl, I defo wouldn't mind if any guy had no money just as long as we had some good laughs now and then, then a great night in is sorted !


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