How to improve communication skills?

I always get a black-out when I go out on a date and as we are talking about one topic and suddenly we are both out of arguments and just waiting what to say next. The awkward silence begins...

What do you do in such case?

Where do you get inspiration for the next topic to talk about?

Do you discuss about one topic on and on until you really said all you know about it or do you change topics frequently?

I googled about topics to discuss, but it is so natural to just shoot out of nowhere "How would you spend your money if you win a lottery?" if we discussed 10 seconds before about her dog, for example.


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  • Try to be spontaneous...don't rehearse what you're gonna talk about! Needs to be's OK if you guys get stuck sometimes in the conversation. You don't have to feel like you're the one that has to do all the would be mutual. Getting stuck could be might both laugh and think of something to say. It's far more awkward to be jumping around with random rehearsed topics!'ll all be fine! =)


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