Should I text him or will he think I'm smothering him?

There's this guy that I'm interested in and I sometimes think that he's just as interested in me. He texted me last Monday to tell me he was going for knee surgery on Thursday and then texted me the day after his surgery to let me know that everything had gone well. I texted him a couple of days later to see how he was doing and he responded. That was 4 days ago and I haven't heard from him since. I'm not sure where to go from here. Should I text him again or should I wait for him to contact me? I don't want to smother him but I don't want him to lose interest either. Someone tell me what I should do!


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  • 4 days for a guy is nothing. Pretty much all guys think of texting as something to be used for important matters. for ex: his knee surgery.

    The guys I like texted me to tell me he was sick and couldn't make it to the group thing I invited him to. (that was the first time he texted me first since the last 2 months)

    I don't text my crush often because I know texting really isn't a big deal to guys, so I do my best to not focus on it too much.

    Instead just talk to him in person more often. Its a much better way to show interest in him. You will make more of a connection with him in person than you would over technology. Talking to him face to face will help you to see his interest level because you can see his reactions to things.

    Anyway, feel free to text him if you want to. You wouldn't be smothering him if its been 4 days. Just don't over do your texts. Make them short, sweet and to the point.

    for ex: if he texts you saying how was your day?

    dont send a whole paragraph tellin him how you and you friend ran into these creepy people who tried to jump you, and then you went for ice cream.

    instead you would say: It was good! Hung out with my friend, and had some crazy adventures(:

    hope I helped? :P


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  • The main things that keep two people apart is the silly games that are played the stupid made up "dating rules" If you like him and want to text him then do so. Chances are he'll be delighted to receve a text for you. Or you could just call him!

    Texting someone a few times a week is not smothering. A few times a day might be.


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  • if YOU like the guy then make the first move but if you feel that your feelings are a little mixed up then maybe wait a couple more days to see if he replys but he might also be waiting for you aswell just wait for what you feel is the right momment then text him or call him.

    try and start up a convo with him then see how things go from there.

  • Nah, you won't be smothering him, you would be smothering if you texted every hour. Just ask a general question 'how are you feeling, haven't heard from you recently.'