What is the "game"? Where does flirting come into play?

Yes this is exactly how it sounds. I've been told that when I try not to flirt and when I genuinely think I'm being friendly it's comes of as flirty. However, when I make the god-mistake of attempting to flirt I might as well make a throw a note that says "like me? (Yes) (No) (Maybe).

So my question stands as such what is considered flirting and/or how does on flirt.

Ladies I could use genuine real life examples
Guys any tips or suggestions on how to improve or modify my approachWhat is the
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  • So if you're just being yourself and women like it, and if you try to flirt and it comes across as too much, then logically; if you want a girl to like you, what would you do?

    • Well see that's the thing if im myself women dont really say if they like it or not. I usually find out after. Yet I see your logic but the result isn't usually the same they range greatly

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    • Wow... that's pretty insightful advice thank you. So by focusing my energy for myself I create a standard to achieve. Once again thanks

    • That's exactly it. Work hard and success comes to you. Chase success just for the sake of it, and it will run from you.

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  • The game is people flirting to get sex, not a real authentic relationship. Real relationships never had any game. They're authentic. They last. Relationships that started with games, END in Games. I hate flirting. I value friendships and real relationships with deep meaning. I tell people to decide what kind of relationships they want with people.

    • What about friendship that become intimate relationship later on with time? Personally I dont decide from the get go.

    • The friendship needs to be the real thing. There is no need for games because it will hurt your friends and it will not lead anywhere. You need to be compatible in life choices such as premarital sex or not, children out of wedlock or not, abortion and things are VERY important. You have to make sure you understand what relationships entitled and that getting into a relationship is about meeting the needs of others, not your own. So if your selfish, you don't want to be dating.

  • What is the "game"? Where does flirting come into play? Do you prefer straight forward flirting

  • There is no game you’re either attractive or not

  • A mix of both. I like playing games with flirting

    • Would you care to elaborate a bit one the subject?

    • Well teasing, being kind of secretive and not direct with the flirting one moment the other very direkt and sexual.
      Also just a lot of casual and sudden flirting works for me very well.

  • Triple H is the game according to WWE.


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