Not going on another date for 2 weeks. Is this a bad sign?

I was just wondering if this is a bad sign that after date one she told me that she is so busy that she can't go on another date until 2 weeks from now.

I know she is busy with school, but it still seems like she would want to do at least something small in the mean time. What you guys think?


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  • I don't think it is a bad sign at all. I was in a similar situation as you. We haven't hung out in a month and he was telling me that he was busy with school work and all this other stuff. I decided to ditch him. I deleted his number, I deleted him from Facebook and we never spoke again for 2 months.

    One day as I was unloading stuff out of my car from Christmas break, he saw me and apologized to me. He said that he knows that he did not give me any time last semester but he was really packed down with school work/ finals week. (Senior in college) After that conversation, we have been hanging out A LITTLE but he still has school work to do.

    I think that maybe she does not want to hangout with you during her spare time because you will be a "distraction' which is a VERY GOOD THING. He told me I was a distraction while I was communicating to him on FB. He was doing school work but still wanted to talk to me!

    I say hang in there. Don't be needy. Give her her space. After 2 weeks come past, go for it. Ask her if she is available to hangout with you. SOMETIMES when they say they are really busy with school work, there is a possibility that they are.

  • It depends. I suggest making yourself available for a coffee break with her sometime during the next 2 weeks, but if you've only been on one date it's not uncommon that she's not so attached that she couldn't see herself waiting 2 weeks.

    You should make plans for when she's less busy, and then if there's another long break between meeting, I would say maybe it's a sign. Right now, it's just unfortunate timing.

    Do check if you can see her for a quick bite to eat sometime. I mean, even if she's busy with school she still has to eat!


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