Does finding another girlfriend work? stories please

I don't mean a rebound, say you have actually moved on after your ex tells you too. and you start moving on, like dating and getting close and falling for someone else. does this trigger your ex to want you back? please post your stories please, and your experiences :)


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  • it can, but why do you care if you moved on? unless of course you haven't moved on and want your ex to feel jealous and want you back which would make the current girl a rebound and you an ass for using her

    • i was just curious. I will not use the new girl. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, I am not selfish or a twat or anything. I was just curious as to why this happens all the time, I was talkin to a friend earlier on facebook who this has happened to, the guy she is with had his ex leave him after 8 years and left him after 5 month o been married, and after a year she wants him back. she isn't over him after a year or is it something else?

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