Is there a chance of casual thing becoming something else?

Hey you all.

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday night.

I have a problem here with this boy that I really like and I want to know what others think about this..

I started seeing this guy a while ago. Got on really well. had a wonderful time. But he wants CASUAL relationship...saying that he's not ready yet blah blah blah...

but I realized that I really like him more than I should and I am stuck here feeling little bit crap... I wish I could change him but I know I cant..

so like I just want to know why would a guy wants that? ...

is there a chance of developin this more than just a casual date? ...

help me please. x


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  • well it depends on the type of guy he is.. some guys don't want something serious because they want to keep their options open and be with a lot of people or whatever. but when I first started dating the guy I'm seeing now, he didn't want anything serious either because he was trying to figure out what to do with his life at the moment, with his job and family and moving and whatnot, which I totally understood, but there was a mutual attraction anyways and now we've kinda established that we both like each other, and aren't seeing anyone else. so it all depends on the situation..

    • He's tryin so hard at work at da mo with exams comin up for promo. and eventho its casual, he treats me really nice. but he wanted to keep a distance, like not seein each other everyday like. so we see each other like 3 or 4 times a month now but before we kinda agreed on casual, we were seein each other 3 times a week and all. but when I first met him, which was few months ago, he was after breaking up with his long term gf..and all.. so I don't no whether I'm a rebound or not..

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    • Ahh..Im just so sad... :( thanks for your help anyways. x x x

    • sorry =( you'll find someone better, promise.