Very anxious about going on first date?

My friend is trying to set me up with her coworkers sister. She arranged a group "date" that consisted of me, 2 couples and the girl. This was my first time meeting her and I barely said anything. The whole point of the get together was for us to meet, and that created a lot of pressure for me, and I think for her too because she barely talked either. Based on not talking to each other virtually at all, I thought I wouldn't be seeing her again, but I just found out she talked to my friend and said she really wanted to go on a 1-on-1 date with me. This girl seems really cool, so I was excited to hear that, but I'm very anxious because I've never been on a proper date with someone, let alone even had a girlfriend or kissed a girl. What do I do? My inexperience in the dating scene is putting me very much out of my element. Help please!


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  • I suggest you just be yourself :) Most girls really hate it when a guy 'tries to act cool' especially at your age, talk to her as you would a regular girl, flirting comes naturally if you like each other and don't be shy, there's a first time for everything. Try to find something you guys have incommen, like a hobby, it could be anything and if you get nervous try to keep in mind that it's just a regular girl and talk to her as you would a friend or your sister at least until the anxiety is gone. This always works for me when I start feeling nervous around a guy. Goodluck ;)


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