How do I teach my boyfriend to be a good kisser without hurting his feelings?

He's already self-conscious about the way he looks for some reason. Even though he's really attractive and he has so many great qualities that just enhance his attraction and I tell him that all the time. We spent the day together today and we made-out twice. Both times I felt awkward because he doesn't really use any tongue if that makes sense. I feel like I'm just kissing him and he's not kissing me back? How should I go about this? I like him a lot and I'm not going to leave him for something like this, it's just a bit of a downer and I want to fix it as soon as I can. :/


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  • Force feed him that tongue of yours girl! lmao Maybe he feels as though you might not feel right with him using tongue so he is just respecting your space. At least that's my opinion on it. I have know idea what he's thinking, but I hope this is some what insightful. =]

    • Awesome Avatar by the way. Link for the win! :D

    • Thankss xDD I'm a huge Zelda fan. But anyway, I'll try hahah. Now that I think about it I had to kiss him first because he said he didn't want to disrespect me. But when we're making out I want him to stop respecting my space just a little bit ya know? lmao. I'll just keep kissing him until our styles match up I guess. Thankss it was insight I needed. (:

    • Yes I understand. I can relate to him actually with the whole respecting a girl's space because I'd be like that too most likely. Simple communication and reassuring him should do the trick. He's lucky to have a girl who is a fan of Zelda. I'm jealous. LMAO! Definitely good luck and you're very welcome. =]

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