Little sister's friend...

im 23 and my sister is 19. she has a friend who is still 18 and she expressed interest in me. now I consider myself a gentleman so my head is tellin me to lay off the young stuff. however my "other" head is tellin me to just follow my instincts.


lol I didn't expect those answers from girls. maybe I am hesitant cause all girls I've been with were my age or older?


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  • If it's just for sex then you might have a problem since she's your little sister's friend. When something goes wrong your sis might be dragged to get involved or some kind of mess will start. Most 18 year olds are still immature no matter how they come off and I wouldn't look at you seriously if you'd consider her for a relationship.

    • u hit it right on the nose. I gotta decide if I like her or REALLY like her. cause I wouldn't let any of my friends date my sister. except one... hmmmm weird

    • Lol, well its easy to get into trouble if you listen to your "other" head. If you're someone that thinks with your regular head then stick to that method otherwise you might regret it in this particular situation. But if it still has you wondering, just get to know her seriously first, or ask your sis about her. She's a girl, she'll understand.

    • what to do...what to do... at this point I'm more worried about my sister being comfortable with it then the girl herself.

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  • She's deemed an adult by the law. What's the problem?

  • Omg, there's NO issue here when it comes to age! WTF, you're young, 23 is not old! And she's not a baby, she's an adult 18! If you can notice, the user's age on this site is separeted in groups: Under 18, 18-24, 25 - 29, 30-35, 35-45, 45+ !

    You both are in the same ''group'' when it comes to age! (Of course this is just an example, but you're overreacting and creating problems where everything is simple!

  • my ex boyfriend was 29 when I was 18.

    WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE? Only 5 years difference? That's nothing...


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