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I have a best friend, he means everything to me, and we've pretty much been best friends (of the opposite gender anyway, I've got my female bff too) for 5 years now. We tell each other everything and are really comfortable with each other.

Now enter another friend, he's not so close, but we clicked right away, just met him a couple months ago, and we get along great! I don't even know it seems as if we just understand each other so well.

Anyway, both came up to me recently, saying that they are interested in dating me. .. so my problem starts.

Both ways, I feel I will lose one by hurting them. But I must admit, I am much more attracted to my recent friend, compared to my best friend, since he isn't doing so good in the looks department. But they're both great guys in my eyes... :(

What should I do? Please share of any similar experiences? Thank you.

  • Not so good looking best friend. He's been there for you and you guys already get each other.
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  • Attractive, not-so-close-friend. No relationship will work if there is not physical attraction. You need that spark/chemistry.
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  • Personally...i don't want to risk losing a close friend over a nasty break up...

    its better to lose a not so close friend that you just got to know than to lose a friend that was there for you alwasy...

    it depends on the situation tho...if your really in love I guess its worth taking the risk...

    but for everyother reason...i'd be better off with an attractive, not so close friend...

    lets be honest...even if I get into a relationship with a close friend...we have a high chance of breaking up because we simply just know too much about each other (how many girls/guys you dumped, how much you lie, if you have a history of cheating or not, etc etc)...

    and if it leads to a nasty break up...you'll have a new enemy in your hands that would want to stab your eyes out and shove em up your a$$ when you see each other in the streets.. :D

    • Thank you for a great answer. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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  • I wouldn't bother about looks if I were you ...whoa you just pick someone else just because he;s better looking so what if he's a great guy in your eyes...you are superficial

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