Guys 20 - you ask girls on dates?

Basically I'm stumped. I feel like there are very few males jn this age group who bother To ask a girl on a date anymore .. It's all club hookups and asking girls to come home with you.

I've been on two dates ever and it is not for lack of interest from males.. Guys that I know have liked me have told me in texts and kissed me in clubs but only two guys ever have asked me on a date. Dates are fun! I feel like I'm missing out on this awesome phenomena because no guys that I meet seem to roll like that. My friends find this tooo ! I'm not bragging but I'm definately not undesirable and nor are my friends !

Guys, if you like a girl how do you go about letting them know if you aren't asking us on dates

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  • I definitely do, but it depends on how you carry yourself. I tend not to ask out girls I don't know. I'm not going to waste time or money on a girl when I have no idea if she's a total b*tch or what. First thing I'm going to find out is her attitude. I mean if I really click with a girl first time meeting I might ask her out, but it's rare. More often than not I'm going to want to see what she is like on multiple occasions and go from there. I'm not real strict or picky, it's more to see if she's a decent person who I'll be able to talk to. Nothing worse than an awkward silent date. I want to see if there's something there before I go asking her out basically.

    In saying that, if she seems like she would just be a hook up, I don't ask her on a date either. Dates= Serious in wanting to get to know you more intimately. If I don't ask a girl out, it's for one of three reasons. 1. I'm not attracted. Why ask out somebody you AREN'T attracted to? 2. I already decided I don't want to get to know you better. 3. You aren't single or there is a friend of mine who already made it clear he's trying in which case I won't bother out of respect for my friend.

    Though I have to imagine, for many guys, confidence or fear of a commitment to anything serious probably plays a role.


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  • I don't, but that's because of my own issues. If I see girl I think I might like, my defaul thought process goes something like, "Ah, she wouldn't like me that way," or, "There's no way she could be single." I never find a point in trying.

    May not be true, and lonely like nothing else, but at least I keep a sort of consistency in my life this way.

  • Cause we're f***ing sick of ALWAYS having to ask the girl out. FFS women, grow a spine and ask us for once -_-

  • Nope. It's because I have no confidence, think I'm ugly, etc. I probably wouldn't let them know. I'd probably keep it to myself.

    • .. aww I hate hearing people say stuff like this! I hope your confidence improves

  • I ask, but it's rarely met with a positive response.

  • Girls now days only want hookups in that range, that's why they go out drinking and to bars/clubs. The day that I see a girl that I like who's not a party chick looking for a one night stand or a free drink I will ask her out but so far it's been a very long and hard wait for such a girl.

  • No, because girls of that age are instable confused irrational mess. I'm waiting for them to grow up. But they are pretty so I'll settle for hookups.

    • ... Why do you say that? I would agree and then again I wouldnt...

      Thanks for your response!

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  • I ask because I have no other choice, I have to adapt to the unfair rule, status quo in our society and culture that the guy has to lead and initiate everything, like the whole weight is upon us guys shoulders.

    • my bad, lol, I accidentally repeated what my brother was saying, haha, but yeah, I don't blame him, but most guys I have dated I have asked out and they have turned out to be great and some bad.

    • IHi Brother! Lol

      I agree its a socially acceptable thing etc but wow the feeling of someone asking you on a date is awesome :) I can't help but want more haha.

      As for you - I'm so envious of your ability to ask them! I'm way too shy lol. When it comes to that stuff anyway