When will he call? When should I give it up?

I went on a date with a great guy on Thursday. He took me out to dinner, then we hung out at his apartment for a while playing games/listening to music, then last minute we decided to go to a late showing of a movie even though he had work early the next day. The whole time we had no trouble talking to each other, conversation flowed pretty easily and pretty evenly and found that we have a lot in common. When the date ended he gave me a really tight hug and said, "we should do this again sometime."

We're on day three (Sunday) and I haven't heard anything from him yet. He said he was going home for the weekend so he very well may be busy. I don't want to call/text him too soon and be THAT girl...so when would be an appropriate day to call him if I still haven't heard anything? Or should I call at all?

And do you think he'd actually like to see me again, or was just trying to be polite? Guys, weigh in. Girls, thoughts?


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  • yea he might be busy. id say give him the week because you don't have anything serious going on yet, and text him maybe Thursday asking if he wanted to do something friday, but keep it casual.

    even if he isn't completely interested YET, from what you say, he should like just hanging out with you in general so I think he does mean that he'd like to do it again.

    • Thank you for bringing me back to reality. I've had too much time to over analyze things. :)

    • haha it happens to all of us =)

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