Dating a new guy..He's awesome..with the exception of him not making plans to hang out with me.

See, I've been the only one to say, hey let's do something today. I wish I could try to help him to want to ask too, because I don't want to get on his nerves and he says he wants to hang out and seems happy..Just confuses me I guess.


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  • He might be shy or afraid to ask. Next time you guys hangout tell him the next date he needs to plan. See if that gives him the encouragement to ask.

    • Thank you :) Well last night...we were supposed to hang out and ended up not because I told him, your turn! Because I always do and he was like "nope, your the boss" so that didn't work so well. But I will keep trying.

    • Maybe he is letting you have control or trying to see what kinda things you like to do. Get to know what he likes to do and set a date towards his intrests. He might feel more at ease at asking you.

    • Hmm this is a really good point. Thank you I will try to find out more!