The girl likes me but I'm not sure I want to date her?

she goes to my college , that's where we meet . she's a nice girl but not really the type of girl I'd normally go after . although those girls usually almost never date me

last night we ran into each other at this night club and it was weird to see here there along side all these model good looking girls . now its totally un fair to compare her to those girls but after spending so much time chasing after them how would I ever be satisfied with her ?


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  • dont you hold back! life is full of amazing oppurtunities and this could defenetly be one of em. so I say go for it! relationships aren't set in stone so break up if things don't work out :) good luck, go get her tiger lol :P

    • yeah but that's the thing there is lots of oppurtunities , how do I decide which ones are worth pursuing ?

      and when I was at bar all I could thing about was how badly I wanted to bang this short blond girl that was there , I just seem so distracted and have no idea what I want

    • well stay in an open relationship and go on dates every once in a while. don't stress about it! I know that it can be stressful as you try and choose what to do but maybe just ask for a date from each girl you want to and then choose who you want to be u'r girlfriend :)

  • If you're not physically attracted to her and you think you're capable of doing better, I wouldn't pursue her. Its not fair to either of you and you won't stay satisfied with her.

    • well its odd I'm physically attracted to her , she does have a nice body . personality and maturity is what's not working for me

    • So you're only physically attracted to her? Personality & maturity play an even bigger part in successful relationships. You need to have a "type" figured out that you'd actually date. It should take into consideration what types of personalities you get along with & won't get tired of, a maturity level close to yours, and physical attraction. It doesn't sound like you want to date this one, nor should you in my opinion. You can definitely have casual flings until you find someone worthwhile.

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