Has anyone tried online dating, what sites are good and bad and how much does it cost if not free?

I am really shy and I kind of think I need to turn to online dating because I can't make it work the traditional way.


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  • id say plentyoffish.com =] is a good bet


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  • Well I'm currently on Okcupid and Plentyoffish. Okcupid is in my opinion the best of the free sites out there. If you're going to do online dating my advice is to try one of the free ones first just to figure out some of the basics. That being said, my experience with online dating is that it is not a magic bullet. It takes a lot of patience, even if you write original messages you might only get one reply for every 20 you send out. I have been on Okcupid since May and have only met one person off of it. That's right around my rate of success offline. Good luck to you.