What are your standards for dating someone?

Must be handsome and look like a model
Must be white
Must be at least six ft tall
Must have penis over 6 inches
Must have salary over $100000
Must not be overweight
Must be older than me
Must treat me like a princess
Must not abuse me
Must have abs and muscles
Must be physically fit
Must be strong
Must not be transgender or queer
Must have an IQ over 120
Must be confident
Must not be insecure or shy
Must be entertaining and have humo
Must not be a smoker
Must not be an alcoholic or drug addict
Must not have a criminal record or criminal doing illegal activities
Must not have kids
Must not have any STDs
Must like pets
Must not be weird
Must have an education
Must be brave
Must be faithful
Must not lie
Must be good in bed
Must be mentally stable with no mental illnesses
Must not have any health problems
Must not be disruptive or obnoxious
Must not wear glasses
Must not be too hairy
Must not be selfish or rude
Must have have any allergies
Must be masculine
Must not be a mama's boy
Must have good hygiene
Must have a high sex drive
Must be romantic
Must know how to dance and party
Must not be a video gamer or potato coach nerd
Must smell good
Must be patient
Must not yell
Must listen to me
Must only dominate me during sex and be submissive out the bedroom

because I'm a model, I can have high standards
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TELL me your standards
What are your standards for dating someone?
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