I just met this guy recently.

Well I met this guy from my friend. Texting he is really boring. He doesn't show any emotion. So I decide to make the first move to ask him on a date. It was just like a regular date. In person he actually talk a lot. He told me he doesn't like planning things out. So should I ask him for a second date?


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  • Well, some people are going to say if he doesn't ask you out, then he's not interested. But from my personal experience, sometimes guys are just lazy or feel like being the pursue-ee for a change. I'm dating a guy who asked me out first, but I asked him out for our second and third dates. From there on its kinda been back and forth. Don't use him asking you out as a sole marker of his liking you. Make sure to see how he is when he's with you, etc. I infact told my guy right on his face that he was too shy and needed to man up lol, and it worked! I said it in a jokingly flirty way, so it was all good. My point is, just do what feels right. If you want to see him again, ask him out. If in the long run it continues that way, bring it up to him. Honesty and communication are so important. Being blunt sometimes helps you get things off your chest and show the guy exactly where you stand and that you won't take sh*t because you'll call him out on it. So, maybe flirtingly ask him, you wanna see me again? See how he responds and take it from there ...

    • well the sucky thing is that he doesn't flirt back LOL. Even his friends/cousin says so. I did tell him straight up he is boring lol. He just laugh at it. I don't know what to do with him. The guys I usually talk too they flirt back but then he doesn't @_@

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    • Yeah, np. Let me know what happens in a few days :)

    • yes I will I shall accomplish haha

  • No.might be too pushy/needy. your not in a relationship with him so flirt with other guys too. let him know your wanted so if he wants you he better come to you fast haha. I think its better for him to do the chasing good luck :D