Get back with my ex or hang out with new guy?

Me an my boyfriend live together. We just broke up over something stupid. We have been together for four years and he has anger issues he breaks up with me like twice a week for no reason. We have been fighting for a while. Now he thinks were back together, or wants to get back together but this guy that I kinda started hanging out with I'm kinda starting to like him. I want to hang out with him and see how it goes but I just can't seem to bring my self to actually leave my current boyfriend . Please help I feel like I have a huge decision to make.


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  • you need to dump this guy. breaking up with you twice a week because you had an argument is called emotional abuse. it can really tear you up inside, even if you don't realize it. trust me girl, I've been there.

    obviously this guy doesn't understand what being in a relationship means. move on, hon! you're going to find someone better, who values you and wants to stay with you. dump your boyfriend and try something new! who knows? it could be the start of something awesome.

  • have a talk and try to end it civilly with your ex, then move on