What can I do for her to like me better?

hey everyone, first off all this is not a dating question its platonic. So over the past 5 months me (I'm a guy), this other guy, and this girl have been best friends. Previously I was perusing a girl and while I was doing so, my other two friends would hang out together. So now that girl didn't work out so I'm back to hanging out with my best friends. But since then I have notice the girl is closer to the other guy than to me. Like they will talk or console in each other. Its not that they are hiding anything from me, like if I was to ask them about their life they are happy to discuss with me, but if she has a problem she will always go to him first. They are definitely not interested in dating trust me on that. So I guess I lost out since I did not invest time with my friendship with her and he did. But what can I do to fix the problem?


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  • You can't make someone like you more or less it's better if you move on.


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