Is it a date or not?

Okay so there's this guy I really like and I'm pretty sure he likes me. He knows I like him because apparently my room mate told him I do. So a few days ago we said we should watch the lion king together. I don't know why really lol. So yesterday I had my apt. door propped open and he knocked and came in and was like "hey everybody." and I was like "I'm the only one here." so he started to walk to my bedroom so I went in and sat down on my bed and he sat down on my bed and was like "is this okay?" and I was like "yeah." So we just talked for a while and when he got up to leave I was like "so when are we gonna watch the lion king?" and he's like "what are you doing tonight?" and I was like "nothing" so he's like "okay I'll come down after the Superbowl" (he lives in the apartment above mine.) and I was like "okay see ya then" so later right before the Superbowl ended he texted me and said "hey can we postpone our lion king date until Tuesday evening? I'm not feeling too hot."

we never really specified it as a date beforehand but then he sent me that text so it seems as if it is definitely a date now?


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  • No it is not a date. A date is when two people that like each other hangout together on a one on one basis for relationship purposes. You like him...yea sure...because your roommate told him? Did YOU tell him that YOU liked him? On top of that, how do you know if he likes you back? Have you asked?

    He came in the first time saying "Hey Everybody", because he believed that you were going to have a movie night with all of your friends. He used the word "date" as emphasis on hangout, not actual dating...similar to a date with the dentist or doctor, meaning a calender date. If it was an actual date, he would not have tried to get hammered and cancel. In his mind, you both are just friends. I hope that helps.

    • we are just friends so far but I'm pretty sure this is a date. I'm pretty sure he likes me. he hits on me all the time and says things like he really likes me. I saw him today and he kept trying to like hold my hand and stuff.

    • The holding hands, the way he hits on is just a part of flirting. But you both are not boyfriend/girlfriend, your just friends right now. Friends don't date, couples date. I can bet you that he thinks you both are going to just "hangout", since you both are just friends. I hope that helps a bit.

    • umm friends date... you go on a date and then become a couple...

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  • I'd say yes. Date doesn't really mean much for most people, it's just a word to describe a guy and a girl having planned to do something alone together. Don't get hung up on him saying that. If during that date he does try something, then it really does mean something. Feel free to give a helping handle, cuddle with him during the movie, share a blanket, something

  • It seems like he meant it as an informal co-workers having a lunch date...or having a date for a dental cleaning.

    I could be wrong though.


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