Is it weird that I don't want to date?

like, I want to, but something inside is stopping me. like I want to try and date, but I'm afraid ill get hurt and it would be for nothing. any way on how to get around this?


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  • it is normal, it probably just something that refrain you

    seems like you haven't met the right person, so there no need to worry about dating at the moment, you don't need to force yourself because other are dating, it is stupid.

    but don't be afraid of getting hurt, dating is a wonderful experiences, if you never try, you'd never how it likes


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  • I'm the same way.

    I'm afraid of falling in love.


    we are in the same boat.

    my advice is

    "It's better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all."

    Though you may get hurt, it only leads to less hurt in the future,

    and the experience's are really what counts.

    hope I helped.

  • Be can't love without getting hurt honey.take a leap of faith.