Have any tips to help break the dating "ice"?

Okay, there is this shy guy I grew up with, and have liked as more than just a friend for about 6 years. (Long story-It's explained in my first question in the flirting section.)

Anyway, I finally have the guts to ask him out, BUT this is completely new territory for both of us. Sure, I've dated, but I was always asked, and he's never dated at all. Next problem? We're both shy. And last problem? I still wonder if he likes me.

So, have any tips for a shy girl asking a shy guy out on a date? Something that won't give either of us a heart attack?


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  • You don't give details much of when you see him or the social environment around both of you.but a simple 'what are you doing for lunch.wanna join me for lunch?' Of course I don't know what the environment when you see him is, but anything simple will do; so going for lunch, or coffee is what I do in these cases. However, whatever you do, I wuold stay away from saying stuff like, 'hey, wanna go out on such and such day?' I try to keep it as generic as possible like, 'i'm going for coffee, wanna join?' Adn then that gives the chance to talk.

    • Sorry for the lack of details...He's going to school about 4 hours away, but comes home on the weekends. I'm working, and it's rare if I have a Friday night off, but I usually get off work around 4pm on Saturday, leaving that evening open. I'd ask him to lunch on Saturday, but he watches his little sister's soccer games during that time. As for when I see him, I don't much anymore. I've just liked him for years, and recently saw him at a football game. And I finally decided to ask him out.

    • So you could ask him for dinner on that saturday evening? You can say, 'so what exciting plans you got for sat evening...' if he says none, then you can say, well that's good because id like to go and have dinner at my favorite restaurant,and I think you might like it--why don't you come with me?

    • Thanks! lol You know, as simple and obvious as your suggestion sounds, I honestly couldn't even think of what to say. My mind was completely blank when I tried to think about it! (Well, not completely...it just kept wandering.)

      Now I just have to wait til he comes back tomorrow afternoon and see if I can catch him before I go to work and he goes to the football game. (He goes to them as much as possible, since we were both in band in hs, and his little brother is now.)

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