I'm almost nineteen and I've never even dated. What should I do?

I feel like something is really wrong with me. I live in New York City and most of the girls I grew up with, my twin sister included, have had tons of boyfriends and even more guys who liked them. But I've never really had that. I kissed one guy in my life in sixth grade and no one else I know is a virgin and sometimes I feel like I'm so far behind I can never, ever catch up.

When I was younger I used to be fat and guys were pretty mean to me, but I lost all the weight. Now I feel really scared of guys, like if someone says I have nice eyes I remember what boys used to say to me and I feel really faint but I'm trying to overcome that. Maybe they can sense it, like dogs? Anyway, I'm just really worried I'm not normal and that if I ever do get a boyfriend it will turn him off if he knows about my history. I think I'm maybe a bit pathetic.


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  • Lots of people your age are in your situation. I was your age when I first got a girlfriend, now I am 21 and haven't seen any action since her.

    My advice to you is to put yourself out there and start meeting as many people as possible. Strike up random conversations with people. I guarantee you will meet a guy by doing this.


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  • I know how you feel about your history and all but if you find someone who loves and truly cares for you he'll accept you for what you are including your history ;) and as for not having dated anyone, the time will come when you feel more confident . I suggest perhaps you talk to you sister for advice, maybe she can hook you up! And having that much experience in dating I'm sure she'll have a good answer.