Why did he laugh when I kissed someone else?

My ex-boyfriend saw me kissing someone else and many of my friends told me he burst out laughing and found it funny. We so still talk, but I have no idea why he went so o.t.t about it?


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  • err.. weird reaction. but there could be a number of reasons,

    1) he thought the guy was really ugly and so he was laughing at how you stooped lower after dating him

    2) you might have been really bad at kissing (sorry, just throwing ideas out there, I'm not saying you are) and he was laughing that another guy had to go through it

    3) he might have thought that you were doing it to make him jealous or to get over him and so he was laughing at how desperate you looked (in his eyes, again, not saying you are.)

    i don't know, boys are weird.

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