I guess I crossed the line...

I FB messaged a girl twice, asking if she was available for a hang out (she originally wanting to hang out to begin with) , but no responses and awkward conversations. All I asked was when she was available and what her schedule was like. Well I frigged up some how? Any chance anybody knows what I did?

She decided to answer but on the day of the day I was available, so it's good she answered but maybe give advance?


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  • Its hard to tell from limited information. What were your prior interactions with her? Did she pursue you before, asking to hang out? How long was it before you messaged her after she expressed interest in hanging out? Do you think she expected you to call her, not just fb messge her? Some girls like to be called and think facebook is a cop out. Maybe she hadn't talked to you in a while and felt creeped out? Or maybe you are just reading her wrong, it is hard over the internet to see people's real reactions.

    • prior intentions = hang out (no more than friends, no date)

      She pursued this 2 weeks ago. I messaged her 1 or 2 days after but I told her the day she asked I'd get back to her after checking my schedule. I told her I'd FB Inbox here, and she said that'd be fine, so she was expecting no call. So she replied after the 1st one saying she wasn't able to due to her scheduling, so then I asked again for thsi week what her weeks like (which was this last FB Inbox) and no response I know she is on...

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    • Yeah it sounds like she is ignoring it. Girls are weird and change their minds a lot. You asked her out, she said she was busy. You can't win them all. Sorry, but I would move on. Her loss

    • I asked her out? I said no mroe intentions of just friends?

  • well if she ignored 2 msgs, move on. Don't even ask or tell her that what she did was rude. MOVE ON. we change our mind too fast.


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